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AYERS ROCK open-type folding box table set
Multi-functional folding box that can be opened, closed, folded and stacked
Instructions for open-type folding box
1. Open-type/wood type-folding box is so convenient to store items and take them out to use, and the door is designed to be opened and closed by using its exclusive clip.
2. Exterior: 525x370x320mm, When folded: 525x370x90mm, Weight: 2.6 kg, Content: 63l, Raw material: Plastic (PP)
3. Product Color: *wood type-Olive Green, Butter Vanilla, Tan, Cream White, Black (There may be some color errors) *wood type-Ivory
4. Large-capacity storage space of 63 liters, folding type with a door that can be opened and folded, which is so convenient to use and to store items.
5. People of all ages can assemble it easily.
6. Designed to support a compressive load of 1,000 kg (Have test report)
7. Storing with it folded when it is not used
11. Country of manufacture: Republic of Korea
12. Can be used for a camping table by combining the folding box and the top board, and it matches well anywhere, like camping inspiring sensitivity, picnic

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