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Little Cat Co., Ltd.

Cat -in -body product

Company introduction

-Estimation: 2018.09.06

-Lead office: 130 The John BI Center, 130, Namsan -myeon, Chuncheon -si, Gangwon -do

-Trus of business: AI. Development of healthcare devices for pets that combine IoT and Bigdata technology and establish a global healthcare platform service

-Number of employees: 7 people

-Sales: 749 million won (2021)

Product features

-The cat version of Inbody, a body fat meter used by a person

-The world's first APP interlocking IoT cat body fat meter is not the same product in Korea and abroad.

-Pet health care devices that can not only measure various biometric information of cats, as well as AI health analysis.

-Fedder (cat measurement guidance device) function and various curiosity (cat position induction devices LED circle, domestic and foreign patent application) are built in, so it can be easily measured automatically in general life.

-The AI ??APP interlocking function for biometric information (weight, BMI, fat, muscle mass, moisture, bone density, protein, etc.) is confirmed and analyzed.

Reason for recommendation

-Innovative products that combine AI, IoT, which can facilitate the construction of global biological information of cats

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