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HEXARHumancare Co.,Ltd

Connecting Dream to Reality

HEXAR Humancare was born in the Robotics Engineering Lab of Hanyang University. HEXAR Humancare studied wearable robots in Korea based on robot technology for the first time. HEXAR Humancare tried to compensate for human physical weaknesses by utilizing R&D capabilities and robot technology. In other words, HEXA Humancare’s small step has begun to realize its dream of strengthening human muscle strength and power by increasing movements and activities to create more amazing opportunities.

HEXAR Humancare is striving to develop technologies to improve the quality of life through robot research, one of the core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. HEXAR Humancare combines robot technology with medicine and rehabilitation to help humans maintain a better life. It utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technologies to enable precision treatment and on-demand rehabilitation treatment.



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