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As a manufacturer and developer of medical devices, KMG (name) is making ceaseless passion and efforts to improve human health and well-being.

With human resource development as the motto, we are concentrating on producing medical devices, industrial facilities, various equipment and test facilities, and have developed products with the best technical staff in the industry through securing design personnel.

KMG Co., Ltd. is a specialized medical device company.KMG Co., Ltd., which started as Geomyung Electronics in 1997, is a company specializing in manufacturing and developing medical devices, and is constantly challenging everyone to live a beautiful and healthy life.

Korea's first painless anesthesia NO PAINNO PAIN, a painless anesthetic device developed and produced for the first time in Korea, was developed while researching methods for more comfortable and safe treatment for children who are afraid of the dentist.In addition, ICT and TENS equipment excellent for the treatment of muscle pain and neuralgia, life-friendly medical equipment for the health promotion and welfare of the elderly, and medical beauty equipment for a healthy and beautiful life are expanding our business toward a happy healthcare life for all ages. I'm going

Differentiated technology and honest productsWe will become a company that does our best to create a beautiful and healthy life for everyone with differentiated technology and honest products .



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