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We strive for human health and happiness through new concept medical devices.

Micah, who dreams of a healthy future for mankind, takes a new leap forward.

Founded in 1997, Micah has maintained trust with customers for 25 years based on the philosophy that "Humanity's health equals happiness." We are confident that the driving force that enabled us to grow and develop as a competitive medical device company today came from a humble mindset that always puts people and life first.

Now, Miga is expanding beyond Korea to the world, from various medical aids to mask production. Based on technology and experience accumulated over 20 years, we will take the lead in constantly discovering and supplying differentiated products to contribute to improving the quality of national health.

We will fulfill our responsibilities and obligations so that the company can grow and fulfill its social responsibilities and become an upright company that can contribute to the development of society.


901910, 630790

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