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RayMaterials Co., Ltd

Ray Materials was the world’s first company to develop semipermanent high-strength anti-fog coating technology

People who wear glasses experience fogging when going from a cold place to a warm place or vice versa. This is not a simple inconvenience; it can also lead to dangerous situations. Low eyesight along with impeded vision can be highly dangerous. To resolve such inconvenience, anti-fog sprays and cleaning clothes exist, but these are not perfect solutions as the glasses need to be wiped every day or the surfactant layer needs to dry after a spray has been applied. The anti-fogging effect loses its effectiveness over time. Some of the products even have substances that are harmful to humans.

The Ray Materials anti-fogging technology can be applied to all lenses, including PC, MR, acrylic, glass, etc., with high strength from a super-hydrophilic coating. An anti-absorption substance is applied to the surfaces, making them easy to wipe.



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