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Tongyang Systems Co.

With the best technology , we build the optimal and best system for our customers .

TONGYANG SYSTEMS isa global IT financial solution company.

Dongyang Systems started as an IT service affiliate of the (former) Dongyang Group in 1991, and has contributed to the development of the domestic financial IT industry by providing optimal services in the IT service industry for about 30 years.The rapidly changing domestic and foreign financial industry environments, including the recent 4th Industrial Revolution and Digital Transformation, require us to look at business from a customer point of view, not technology, and develop new markets and change.Dongyang Systems is a company that has been leading the domestic financial IT industry for 30 years and has the best assets, best solutions, best references and manpower.We will provide the best value to our customers through creative innovation and challenge, and will become a company that grows together with our customers.


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