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Hexhive realizes customer satisfaction with advanced technology and excellent quality.

Since its establishment in 2010, Hexhive Co., Ltd. is a technologically innovative company that has realized customer satisfaction based on outstanding technology and excellent quality . We are growing as a representative company leading the globalization of the security industrythrough technological innovation and groundbreaking product improvement, with each executive and employee united with the determination to become the best .

Innovative products created by the efforts and passion of Hexhive employees , such as the world's first 360-degree black box for bikes, black boxes for cars, industrial CCTVs, and home black boxes, have secured unrivaled competitiveness in the global security market. .In the meantime, 2-channel products that shoot only the front/rear side of the black box have been commonly used, but 'Fior 360' has beendeveloped to monitor not only the front/rear, but also the left/right with a single lens. ,Provides a complete 360-degree omnidirectional surveillance environment that eliminates blind spots that were not recorded in existing black boxes.

Hexhive Co., Ltd. will always become a First Mover and make the future of the world security industry brighter.We will continue to solidify our position as a strong player in the security market based on our excellent expertise and abundant experience in developing related technologies .In addition, while applying the strategy to respond to changes in the era of the 4th industrial revolution to the overall business, werecognize that growing and developing together with customers based on constant challenging spirit and trust as the best management philosophy, We will lead the cutting edge,



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