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LT Electronics Co., ltd.

We make your dreams come true.

Since our establishment in 2005 under the banner of "light makers," LT Electronics has built world-class patented technology through continuous R&D investment and cooperation with leading domestic and foreign universities in the theme of light and energy.  In particular, the development of flexible light-emitting fibers and high-efficiency LED technology is more encouraging at the present time when the environment is becoming a keyword for survival and growth, and I think the fields of application are limitless. Thankfully, our technology was recognized at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics and incorporated in the form of Wearable Lighting Technology for the opening and closing ceremonies.  In addition, continuous research is underway to develop technologies for a more eco-friendly future through Energy Harvesting, and products for a more sustainable energy ecosystem are being developed by combining high-efficiency LED technology so far.  Accordingly, LT Electronics promises to move forward together with customers with trustworthy management that values ​​people and quality. In addition, we will not be satisfied with the technology and products we have accumulated so far, and we will not stop our efforts to become a world-class company in the field of lighting. We ask for your interest and affection for the products of LT Electronics, which will continue to brighten up your side. thank you

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