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Amo Lab

One-person households

Sleep improvement device

Bioelectronics wearable device for improving sleep, stress, and anxiety through vagus nerve stimulation using electromagnetic signals.


Amofit S', with AMO Lab's proprietary neuromodulation technology CVES (cervicothoracic vagus electromagnetic stimulation), targets the vagus nerve in the human's autonomic nervous system. The electromagnetic signal, with a mild intensity similar to the innate magnetic field generated by human body itself, passes through the skin, muscles and bones without any interference and is transmitted to the vagus nerve in the chest area. This signal regulates the vagal tone and activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

Amofit S provides 2 healing modes. After powering on the device, you can switch from CALM mode (for improving sleep and stress) to ALPHA mode (for enhancing memory and creativity) by pressing the touch area for choosing modes.

You may attach the device to your collar using the device's clip, or use the necklace to wear it around your neck. Electromagnetic signal generated by 'amofit S' is effective within a 9-inch radius from the heart, so it can be worn over clothing conveniently.

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