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The device that automatically adjusts the saddle angle of the bicycle according to the slope while driving the bicycle, which reduces the power consumption.
The saddle angle is automatically adjusted while riding

The Sangle-Fit can be easily mounted and detached from existing bicycles. There are three types of coil
springs for Sangle-Fit. You can choose and install them according to the rider's weight (red color 40kg,
green color 60kg, yellow color 80kg or more) and road conditions. If Sangle-Fit has a seatpost
diameter of 27.2mm and you have a seat post of 30.9mm (or 31.6mm, 33.9mm, 34.9mm), you can
purchase and insert Shim. If you want to buy Shim when you buy Sangle-Fit, we include it and sell it.
Weight; 520gr (including seatpost)
Material of upper body: PA66GF30
Material of lower body : Aluminum

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