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(Health/Health, Home Supplies) Camping Vehicle ROOF TOP Tent Manufacturer
World's First Pop-up Dual Expandable Hard shell Roof Tent.
Quick and Easy Set up TEDPOP with ABS Hard-shell

It takes less than 5 minutes to install and provides an optimal solution for overlanding camping.
Compared to general rooftop tents, the largest activity space is provided to maximize efficiency.
1. Core function: A rooftop tent that unfolds with just one movement (dual expansion panel: for 5
2. Consumers:
- People who enjoy overlanding, nature and would like to get away from daily hassles of crowded
cities - Provides a one-touch set-up/down experience that is different from that of the existing rooftop tent
3. Usage: Mounted on the roof rack of small to large SUV vehicles (can be installed on Sedan/SUV)

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