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Bio-stimulant derived from marine plants and specially designed, TERRA-SOL is a nutritional supplement designed for better seed germination, promotion of root growth and more root hairs, better shoots—vigorous stem and greener leaves, and help seedlings resist transplanting shocks.


Stimulates root growth: Increasing the number of small absorptive roots Improves absorb water management and nutrient uptake Contains bioactive compounds Enhances nutrient levels and combats stresses Increase crop quality and yields (Promote plant growth) Promote growth, firmness and sugar content(brix) of crops.


CERES is a biologically derived nutritional product designed to INCREASE RESISTANCE OF PLANTS against stress, IMPROVING YIELD AND QUALITY of crops, fruits and vegetables.



  1. An Epoch-Bioactivator to reduce damage from abiotic stress caused by drought, heavy rain, cold and hot temperature, hail and other natural environmental stress

  2. Supports antioxidant defense and ROS scavenging during stress conditions

  3. Optimizes gene expression and triggers signaling pathways Aids nutrient uptake

  4. Supports metabolic pathway

  5. Supports crop production in soil-to-shelf solution programs

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