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One-person households

Bowl for microwave

As the number of single-person households increases and convenience food expands, When cooking easily in the microwave, the handle is not hot, so you can take it out directly.

A bowl product with a unique three-dimensional handle that can safely hold food containers I 2021 Germany Reddot Award winning product with competitiveness and trust in overseas market development. Products whose needs and sales have been confirmed in domestic markets such as online and department stores.


Product Features

Fingeroo Rangebowl is a multifunctional bowl with a low, wide shape, and can be used in various ways, especially for oatmeal.

The bowl has a special 3-D handle which allows for an easy comfortable grip.

Fingeroo Rangebowl 1000/750/500

160x200x72mm/34oz / 640g (Varies) / Ceramics

Fingeroo Multi bowl 460

100x135x75mm/160z/320g / Ceramics

Universal Design

It is convenient for people who have discomfort in their hands.

It's a universal design product that can be used by many people.

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