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Natural material straw

Natural straws made of eco-friendly materials that are biodegradable


1. It is a product that can be biodegradable under natural conditions.

2. It's a 100% natural product. It's a one-year plant that's empty and safe.

3. It is made of reeds/wheat/bamboo produced in clear and clean areas. Even if you soak it in a drink all day long, it remains the same for the first time. It does not go through any chemical process through high- temperature sterilization and cleaning.

4. It's nature even if you throw it away in nature. Natural decomposition is possible even in water without light.

5. You can be with the animals in the sea, This straw is made from 100% natural materials Reed straw:

Size: Length 200mm, inner diameter 6~9mm

Material: 100% Reed

Composition: 50pcs / 100pcs

Wheat straw:

Size: Length 200mm, inner diameter 2-4mm

Material: 100% Wheat

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