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High pot

One-person households

Fish port combined pots

AQUGARDEN is a combination of fishbowl and plant pot using water circulation technology.


• Material: Poly Carbonate

• Size: 20cm(W) * 20cm(L)* 30cm(H)

Components: Water tank, Filter, USB Water pump, Flower pot with watering wick, Acrylic pipe

- AQUGARDEN is a product combining a fishbowl and plant pot in order to raise a plant and fish together.

- There is no need of watering to a plant by automatic water supply to the plant.

- There is no need of often cleaning by use of three step filtering system (physical, biological, chemical filters)

- Almost all small plants such as hydroponic plants or normal plants can be raised.

- It can supply natural moisture to indoor and the water does not go bad because of use of flowing water.

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