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Yoon Ergonometric

One-person households


[Three-D desk]

Ergonomic Angle Adjustable Desk for Study or Reading (The only desk in the world that helps prevent forward neck posture & slouching.)


"The world's most comfortable ergonomic study desk" Three-D desk's ergonomic study desk is different from existing desks!

Books can always be in your area of vision at eye level, even if notebooks, workbooks, pencils or erasers are always on the incline plate, there is no need to lower all the items, just push a button to adjust the incline and change to horizontal mode. The more various activities children do, the more valuable Three-D desk is.

<The convenience functions of ergonomic smart desks>

- Built-in upper bookshelf (limited to DS-1200/DS-1400 models)

- 4 colors 5 levels of color conversion of the flexible stand.

- A magnet-attachable memo board at the top of the reading table

- A convenient book holder for holding multiple books

- A foldable three-part notebook stand so that your wrist doesn't get caught when taking Wi notes

- Wireless charger/multitab/USB port (Limited to DS-1400 model)

- Soft mood light with Three-D desk logo(ON/OFF, dimming function)

- Electronic 2 point height adjustment memory/electronic angle adjustment takes into account the safety of inexperienced children. A low-speed safety device for height/angle adjustment

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