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Beam Paint Glass

1. Beam Paint

: Products that can be used as a screen for beam projectors when painting in the desired space, such as walls, windows, and floors {Beam Paint Glass]

- Used for rear projection displays and It is used in transparent materials such as glass, acrylic, and hexane. [Beam Paint Basic/Expert]

- Water-soluble film-coated beam paint for general wall and floor applications

2. Rollable CLR Screen

: A screen exclusively for ultra-short focus beam projectors that absorbs light from the top and reflects light from the bottom to feel a clear clarity


[Beam Paint Glass]

- It can be applied with various displays.

- After construction, it is easy to remove

- It protects against harmful environments by blocking ultraviolet and infrared rays with permeable UV paint

- Translucent paint that can be used to protect privacy

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