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BTN Co., Ltd.


Water -soluble vitamin

No unnecessary excipients or artificial sweeteners Pure vitamins & minerals for cell activation & immunity.


1. Zero unnecessary raw materials / Zero Calories - Most of the commercially available effervescent vitamins consist of more than 50% of excipients to make

powder into tablets, but the 3 over vitamin does not contain unnecessary excipients or artificial sweeteners to contain only what is essential for my body.

2. Ion mineral patented technology - In order for minerals to be well absorbed and used by the body, the 3 over vitamin is filled with ionic minerals unique to BTN using patented ionic mineral manufacturing technology

3. Nutrient UP

- Without adding unnecessary excipients or artificial sweeteners, it is filled with essential nutrients, - Vitamin B1 1.2mg (100%), vitamin B2 1.4mg (100%), niacin

150mgNE (1,000%), vitamin B6 1.5mg (100%), vitamin B12 2.4µg (100%), folic acid 400 µg (100%), biotin 300µg (1,000%), vitamin C 500mg (500%), vitamin D 10µg (100%), zinc 17mg (200%), selenium 55µg (100%), manganese

3mg (100%)

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