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Self -care

Inner nail correction kit

Dear C & B Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in developing and manufactured problems with problem -nail management products.

[Prague Toby Brace Kit] is a healthcare product for home care that unfolds your nails without pain by attaching it to your nail for correction of introverted nails (digging nails).

Product composition: Brace chip, applicator band, safe nail glue

1. Product Overview: Brace chip kit for introverted nail correction is a medical device certified product. Influent nails are diseases that can occur in all ages without gender distinction by digging into the nails, which interferes with pain and daily life. The proportion of students in their 20s and the first -time students in their 20s is highly treated with medical home care with non -surface without surgery to improve the quality of life and help adapt to school social life.

2. Product characteristics:

Brace chip

-The raw materials and special plastics are made of raw materials to return the deformation of the nails.

-The product is harmless to the human body and has no side effects, or no recurrence, and is certified by Korea medical device.

Applicator Band

-Size guide and location for attaching brace chips to the surface of the nail, assistance function

-It as a procedure assistant tool that allows you to manage the problem nails with home care without professional procedures or help

All. Safe Nail Glue

-The adhesive and fast drying time suitable for brace adhesion with adhesive for nail nails that do not contain harmful ingredients such as toluene

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