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Eastern Light International


Smart paste-running toothbrush.

The smart paste-running toothbrush.

High effect with less paste, BUT NO BATTERY NEEDDED.


• Name: SENSOR-B (The Smart paste-running toothbrush)

• Size: Long Diameter: 27mm, Short Diameter: 24mm, length: 210 mm.

• Mat'l: PE, Astal, PBT

• Color: Blue, Green, Pink.

• Weight: 45 Grams - The function that is being only in the imagination among the people.

- The smart toothbrush combined with advanced sensing technology.

The paste-discharge nozzle among the tufts reacts according to the brushing step and discharges the toothpaste in the handle and controls it by detecting the brushing steps and brushing parts of the teeth.

- An Oval-shaped handle, an Ergonomically Designed Handle fits comfortably in your hand. A truly innovative design that ensures superior performance.

- Sensor-B is the same as traditional toothbrush designed to use the paste most effectively, but it is practical and fits the characteristics of modern people seeking convenience and meets consumers' desire to raise their standard of living.

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