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Eco -friendly handwash

PH acid balanced "Powder to Liquid" type hand wash


An International Non-Governmental Organization says that in order to solve the problem of plastic waste, it is impossible to solve it with the current recycling system, and the solution is to switch to a structure that can be refilled and reused. ECOCEPT hand wash has been thoroughly refillable and reusable from the product planning stage to avoid creating single-use plastic waste.

ECOCEPT strives to make products that are faithful to the function of hand wash as well as to minimize the environment impact. Naturally derived raw materials carefully selected in consideration of Environmental Working Group (EWG) scores and vegan-friendly ingredients are used and certified as hypoallergenic through clinical testing. In addition, it has been developed with a unique formula to help moisturize the skin after washing hands. The packing material has dual layers with paper on the outside and biodegradable film on the inside. The inner film is more than 90% biodegradable and only emits a small amount of water.

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