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Wrinkle Improvement Eye Cream

Product title: Aunthentique Wrinkle Repair Eye cream with Galvanic rejuvenator

• Description: Home aesthetic set consists of 2 enriched eye creams and 2-in-1 home beauty device with microcurrent + micro vibration effects.


"High-efficiency, cost-effective home aesthetic solution for you" - 2-in-1 applicator with Galvanic lontophoresis + Micro-vibration effects delivers active ingredients deep into the skin

- Based on plant stem cell cultures extracts and the most prestigious active ingredients including antiaging peptide, Prebiotics, White truffle, and more.

- Dermatologically tested, delicately improves wrinkles and elasticity without skin irritation.

- Functional cosmetics for wrinkle improvement certified by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

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