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Marine pack

For children

Natural diapers, birds

Marine Pad -world first eco-friendly Marine Nano fiber

Super Absorbers Sanitary pad.


Benefit 1: A thin sanitary pad using eco-friendly sea nanofiber absorbent provides excellent fit

Benefit 2: Provides women with safe absorption with perfect absorption that replaces strong chemical absorbents

Benefit 3: A product that is safe for women's health by using innovative technology to prevent backflow by storing menstrual blood in sea nanofibers instead of SAP, a chemical absorber that strongly absorbs moisture.

Differentiation of Marine Pad - Eco-friendly sanitary napkin made of marine nanofiber absorbent material

1. 100% biodegradable within 8weeks -No damage for environment

2. Prevention of various diseases such as vaginal dryness, vaginal itchiness, menstrual pain, and irregular menstruation caused by the strong chemical absorption of SAP (super Absorbent Polymer).

3. Unlike micro plastic chemical absorbent sanitary napkins that do not decompose for hundreds of years and cause environmental problems, eco-friendly absorbent sanitary napkins are 100% biodegradable within about 8 weeks and used as natural fertilizer.

4. Patented technology developed by a reliable innovative technology company - Winner of German & Korea Innovative Technology Competition by Pulp & Bio Products from Red Algae (2017).

5. Manufactured in South Korea

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