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Nail polish

Eco-friendly hair loss shampoo that breaks down bubbles quickly by making it with antioxidants and natural soap that plants have without chemical ingredients


1. Standard: 16.9 fl oz(500ml)

2. Characteristics:

1) Who wants to have a clean shampoo that's not slippery and clean.

2) Who wants natural bubbles that can be sent back to nature.

3) Who wants to protect the hair from thinning and weakening.

5) Who wants to avoid damaging the Hair by frequent dyeing and perm.

6) Alleviating Shampoo that is catered toward sensitive scalp

7) Who doesn't like artificial scents.

8) You can expect a color cover of aging hair if you use it for more than 6 months.


1. It's made of natural extracts and surfactants from natural soap without chemical ingredients

(Functional aspect)

1. It is helpful in preventing hair loss by using medical agent that help hair health like Hasuo Hannyeoncho, Black Beans, etc.

2. It doesn't contain hair dye, but if you use it for more than 6 months, you can look forward to the color

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