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Wagglie Skin & Tears, Tasty & Functional Supplements for Your Dog


Why is Wagglie Skin & Tears special?

1. Excellent in taste made from salmon and fish.

2. Including functional supplements recognized by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

3. Made of FormulaTS, a natural herb compound, which boosts basic immunity.

4. Ingredients of human grade and no harmful ingredients. #Grain Free #Gluten Free #Color & Flavor Additives

Free #No Salt #NON GMO

The Ingredients of FormulaTS

- Houttuynia cordata known to have strong anti-inflammatory and detoxification effect

- Mint containing an abundance of phytochemicals called Glucosinolates

- Mustard a calming and soothing herb with Rosmarinic Acid

- Atractylis

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