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A leash with EL luminous material that emits surface light


LUMOS involves the application with EL Sheets, which have not been seen in leash until now. The EL leash that emits surface light provides excellent visibility and beautiful light in soft pastel tones. The double bond structure with nylon material shows high tensile strength. The premium design throughout the product is

designed to be used as a function and trendy fashion item.

Luxurious packaging and packaging functions designed for premium products can safely keep the product. Since the hook that connects the companion animal must be safer than any other part, the LUMOS hook carries out its design, layout, and production processes. The double-locking ring with a carabiner structure is strong enough not to be separated from your pet.

Through hundreds of model tests, anyone, regardless of age or gender, can easily and comfortably control a companion animal. LUMOS includes a comfortable

feeling of grip and easy control ability with the high- grade SF coating applied to the entire handle.

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