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Dog pad

Gonggam Pad (Washable Dog Pee Pad) Eco-friendly dog pee pad that can be easily washed and reused semi-permanently


Disposable dog training pads are not only financially burdensome to purchase new pads every time, but also are thrown away several times a day, which harms the environment. "Gonggam Pad" has the same functions as the disposable pad, but it is an eco-friendly pee pad that can be easily washed and used semi-permanently.

- The triple layers of our exclusive materials provide impressively fast absorption of the urine that leaves no mass behind.

- Gonggam Pad is washable and reusable over multiple times without its maximum waterproof capabilities.

- The non-leaking pee pad provides an exceptional absorption and the quick drying surface which leaves your dog's feet clean and dry so they are not tracking the pee spots outside the designated area.

Small: 15 x 19 inches (39x48cm)

Medium: 19 x 23 inches (48x60cm)

Large: 23.5 x 29.5 inches (60x75cm)

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