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Alkaline water supply system for health care of pets that are 7 times more acidic than humans from age 2 to old pets.


Acidization accelerating from 2 years old (adult pet) to aging pet, and lack of moisture has more than tripled average hospital expenses Health Alkaline Water Supplies (World's First) with Free Health Care Without Electricity, Filter

1. If the owner puts in water, "alkaline water for pets" is provided every day from the alkaline water bottle. From now on, you can have access to "Water for cats," "water for dogs" for free and easily with Pure Nine My Pet.

2. The biggest problem of using water dispensers is cleaning the inside. With Pure Nine My Pet, you can clean the inside of the water bottle by opening the "cleaning lid" and putting your hand in it

3. It is simple and hygienic because there is no filter inside to make "alkaline water for pets."

4. When you are away from home due to unavoidable circumstances, Pure Nine automatically supplies a whopping 3.5L in your place

5. It is simple and convenient to use because it automatically supplies water with no electric cord and battery. It can be used for a long time without any trouble as

there is no motor, which is the cause of the failure of the water supply.

6. During use, the noise from the motor and pump increases due to dust and limescale. There is no noise due to a lack of motor and pump.

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