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Sunny Saide Up

Pet skin ointment

A first aid wound care ointment for companion animals. Use on minor cuts, scrapes, bites, abrasions and skin irritations to help healing. Treat hot spots associated with scratching, hair loss and redness.


'SUNNY SIDE UP's motto is to become The SUNNIEST Company on earth for ALL animals' Our mission is to activate the brand via an "animal skincare zone" that sits alongside the skincare brands in Sephora. By doing so we want to deliver the message that animals skin matters as well.

• Type: Quasi Drug

• Approved by: KAHPA

• Clinical test (KR): Anti-inflammation/Moisturizing/Skin barrier

• Clinical test (US): Toxicological Risk Assessment by CPT

• Test method : NON Animal testing (100% vitro methods)

• Purpose: Protects and fast healing from cuts, scratches etc.

• Patent: 10-2021-0161551 pending

• Trademark rights: ANIMARK registered (KR/CN/JP) Global Trademark rights: US/DE/RU pending

Product Features: Tube type / Cream type /

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