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Hansol established a holding company system in 2015 and has been leading many business areas. The predecessor of Hansol Group began from Jeonju Paper Corporation, a renamed company of Saehan Paper Corporation, a paper producer for newspapers that Samsung Group acquired in 1965. In 1993, separating from Samsung Group completely, Hansol Group was founded centered on Hansol Paper Co in September of the same year

In addition, Hansol HomeDeco has established a value chain for its lumber business, expanding its existing business areas, such as overseas plantations, lumber furniture components, and interior material production and distribution. It has also ventured into related business areas, such as wood powder and new & renewable energy, creating new synergies as a result. Such strengths of Hansol HomeDeco lead to results such as the strengthened independence of green products and de-petroleum energy, as well as the efficient reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This propels the company's pursuit of new growth engines for the future. As a result, Hansol HomeDeco is evolving into a leading interior material company that creates the best value.

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