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Raum Architects is a young architectural firm with all employees in their 20s and 40s, including 3 architects.We have two architectural offices and a design research center in Seoul and Yangpyeong,based on our direct experience from land purchase to design, construction, and completion.

We provide architectural design services that can create the optimal building from the owner's perspective. We built a new house and remodeled an office building together with our employees to more objectively understand the various problems that arise during the construction process and provide more detailed design and detailed construction management from the owner's perspective.

Through this experience, we have practiced building healthy houses together with the building owner from the land purchase stage, We aim to accompany the entire construction process through rational architectural design based on accumulated data.In addition , Raum Architecture provides its own integrated architectural services with systematic expertise, including not only as an architect but also as a licensed real estate agent, with degrees and qualifications in eco-friendly architectural design and construction management . We will empathize and think together with the goal of becoming an architect who can understand the client. 

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