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Heuron Co., Ltd

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Heuron Co., Ltd. is a medical AI development company estblished in 2017 providing treatment solutions for central nervous system disorders, based on the AI model implementing clinical specialists' diagnostic insights. More than 20 clinical data-centered diagnostic programs are currently under development for such disorders as Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Stroke and Brain tumors​. Heuron’s research & development are led by specialists under the direction of Chairman Donghoon Shin (MD, PhD).

As modern society enters “super-aging” status, the number of central nervous system disorders occurrence is increasing each year. There are no clear dedicated diagnostic methods and treatments for the above mentioned diseases. Hence, the future demand for new drug development, applications of AI-based software, and innovative technology for the prevention & treatment of central nervous system disorders will increase rapidly. (Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology, March/2019).

We have developed and launched AI software enabling early diagnosis of degenerative disease of the brain. Whereas, the current medical image (CT, MRI) reading for central nervous system disorders have not been standardized. We are confident that this technology will reduce the time and cost of new drug development for central nervous system disorders and increase the success rate of clinical trials.



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