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Electric vehicle charger and charging service
We will become a global leader.

We will become a global leader in electric vehicle chargers and charging services.Ecarplug Co., Ltd. is a company that develops and services information and communication technology (ICT)-based electric vehicle chargers and related subsidiary businesses. We develop and supply storage system (ESS), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), battery management system (BMS), etc.In particular, the evRang electric car charger developed by our company is the world's first highly competitive electric car charger with a new concept that can be controlled with a smartphone and even charged and paid. , is contributing to the expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure as a charging service provider for the Ministry of Environment.Ecarplug Co., Ltd. develops a new concept electric vehicle charger and electric energy supply/management device based on advanced information and communication technology (ICT) and provides various solutions and services that can satisfy the needs of domestic and foreign customers. It is contributing to the spread of electric vehicles.



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