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SJautomation co., ltd

Our company was established with the goal of
education, localization, and advanced technology in search of things that would be of assistance to the country and society.

SJ Automation Co., Ltd. is conducting design-based projects through selection of drive modules for the front and back processes of domestic and overseas flat panel display mass production lines, development of parts for design, and overseas collaboration.

In addition, we are evolving into a company that pursues the localization of the know-how obtained for this purpose and the development of simplified concepts. We will move forward for the next 10 years with the motto of creating a better future where we can lead trends by exercising creativity and imagination through easy-to-access education and quick understanding by lowering entry barriers through rapid acquisition of existing technologies and convergence of new technologies. no see.

To this end, we will build a platform to simplify the clustering of internal and external collaboration of Mechanic Technician Engineer Designer Researcher, aiming to form SJ Valley through sharing in real space and network space, and grow together with customers and contribute to society. thank you


8486.90-3090, 8425.49-1000, 8483.60-9000

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