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Composition Studio Inc

Composition Studio creates products with excitement in mind.

We do not purchase products simply by considering the product's function or utility. I sometimes imagine how my daily life will change with new items, and even if I can't make any promises, I feel happy by picturing myself using the items years from now. Composition Studio creates products with excitement in mind, remembering those customers. Objects you become more attached to the more you use them, objects whose value increases as they age, and objects whose essence does not change over time. These are the objects that contain the lessons learned from the composition book. By setting composition book as a key keyword, we sought differentiation through a brand philosophy that sticks to the basics and inspires customers. Even if it is a small accessory that will only pass by in the lives of customers, we want to establish ourselves as a brand that gives customers more value, stays with them for a long time, and provides inspiration in their daily lives.



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