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IRTKorea Co.,Ltd.

We will make you satisfied with innovative technology and thorough quality control"

Since its establishment on June 10, 2013, IRT Korea Co., Ltd., as a flame detector specialist, has been specializing in flame detector technology development and mass production of flame detectors. In November 2014, we have developed the world's smallest, ultra-light, ultra-small digital infrared 3-wavelength flame detector, completed the type approval of Korea Fire Institute, started to mass-produce and distribute it, and is concentrating on developing and producing various new products.

Our project was selected as a national project to develop flame detector technology by Ministry of SMEs and startups in 2013 and 2014 continuously. Based on the creative spirit and heat energy analysis technology that continuously researches and develops prototype products from digital flame detectors to complex flame detectors, for the first time in the world as well as domestically, we have developed the artificial intelligence flame detection technology, which improves the malfunction of the flame detector without any sensitivity adjustment and eliminates the alarms for non-fire situations, and makes a leap toward the global fire detector market with this technology.

We were designated as a technology venture company by Small and Medium Business Corporation in 2013 and then acquired the ISO9001 / ISO14001 certification and have been focusing on the quality management of technology, acquired the type approval of Korea Fire Institute as well as CE and RoHS of Europe. Currently, we are doing our best to develop and disseminate new technology of flame detector, such as promoting FM and ATEX certification.

We will strive to satisfy our customers and protect the safety and property of the people with the willingnes to supply only high quality products with advanced technology and thorough quality control .



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