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META Solution co.,ltd

ABOUT PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT WE WILL BECOME A GLOBAL COMPANY THAT PROVIDES "ONE STOP TOTAL ENGINEERING SERVICE." The people who develop the products, in the process of commercializing the ideas You face a lot of difficulties. Electricalize your ideas, implement mechanical mechanisms, external design, instrument design, prototyping, sheet metal, There are many challenges to solve, such as mold production (injection molding, press mold, etc.), parts production (injection molding, press, etc.), assembly mass production, etc. Meta Solution was established to "one stop service" all product development information based on 35 years of product development experience and mold manufacturing technology. If the project manager of a group of experts can provide solutions for all product developments, the pace of development will accelerate further. In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the needs of our customers We'll be a company that's passionate and passionate I'll try hard.



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