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Zeobuilder is the trade name of synthetic zeolite 4A, jointly developed by Korea Chemical Research Institute and Samyang Chemical Industries Co., Ltd., and produced by Zeobuilder Co., Ltd., and is used as a synthetic detergent reinforcement (builder). In the past, phosphate (STPP) was mainly used as a detergent builder, but the eutrophication of rivers caused by phosphate has been found to be the main culprit of
water pollution, so the use of phosphate has been regulated, and zeolite, a non-polluting material, is used as an alternative material.
Type: Powder, Granule, Slurry
Applications : Synthetic detergent builder, ion exchanger, desiccant

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for your continued interest and support for the development of ZeoBuilder.

Zeobuilder welcomes the new millennium with you. Our company is an affiliated company of Samyang Chemical, which has been on the road of the chemical industry for the past 30 years, and was established in June 1988 as the first synthetic zeolite company in Korea.

The zeolite production technology, which is barren in Korea, was developed jointly with the Korea Chemical Research Institute since '6, and in June '87, a synthetic zeolite production plant was built in Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province, with pure domestic technology. Since then, thanks to continuous sales activities and strong exports, we have been exporting to Japan for nearly 89 years by building a second factory in January '6, and since the beginning of 92, we have been preparing for the relocation of the factory with better process technology and automation system, and completed the construction at the Mokpo Daebul Industrial Complex in November, and have been producing zeolite of excellent quality to this day.

In addition, since April '1, the entire Technology Development Department, a R&D organization, has been dispatched to the Korea Chemical Research Institute to pursue research activities with an emphasis on the field of fine chemistry and the development of new materials, and is concentrating on the production of advanced products through continuous research and development.

We will continue to accelerate R&D and strive to develop better quality products. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your patronage of our products, and we will make every effort to supply more perfect and excellent products and improve quality and reduce costs. In the 21st century, we will meet your expectations and be reborn with new resolutions and resolutions.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

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