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Sangsin Brake

Take a brake, Sangsin Brake.

Sangsin’s technology research center is a leader in cutting-edge and innovative technologies.

With its own unique technologies, Sangsin is continuously striving to conduct R & D with an aim to be the No. 1 in the brake industry.
Sangsin is not only equipped with cutting-edge research equipment, but is also comprised of excellent researchers.


Advanced technology compounds, researched to satisfy the specific requirements of every application, ensure that original Sangsin brake pads deliver maximum safety, performance and smooth feeling. Scorching treatment, to accelerate the braking system run-in process and reduce the fading effect which can occur at high temperatures. ECE R90 approved references can be safely assumed that the product is equal to or better than the original equipment product. The certification is valid in European countries.

Premium Friction Material


General Purpose Brake
Pads & Brake Shoes

With brake pads that stop gently and quietly, we promise your safety. Hi-Q brake pads,
enhanced with advanced technology ceramic materials, provide a safe and comfortable
driving experience

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