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For children

Bi -supporting clothing for infants

Bab for infants-A product used to feed baby rice.

Unlike generic bibs that cover only baby's chest, All-in- one bib protects your baby's clothes and your high chair.


1. All-in-one bib that covers the child's body and table: All-in-one design that covers the child's upper body and the baby table at once prevents food from falling. You don't have to change your kid's clothes or clean the table after a meal.

2. All-in-one bibs have been registered with the Korean Intellectual Property Office. It's an idea product that sold more than 30,000 pieces in Korea.

2. Suction plate is also available: If you need to use an suction plate, open the "magic hole" of the bib and attach the suction plate to the table.

3. Easy to wash: Made of waterproof fabric made with 40 years of technology. Experience the amazing water repellency that bounces water. Thanks to its excellent waterproof function, the baby's clothes are no longer get dirty. Even if the food gets on the bib, the food is easily erased by light handwashing. Hand made in Korea.

4. All-in-one bib consists of a total of 4 designs (long-sleeved open/long-sleeved full cover / sleeveless full cover/sleeveless full cover) and 4 colors.

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