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air cleaner

Air cleaner for 20m² / 10W 1.4L water for 7Days

LED color change.


This is an innovative low-carbon air purification technology. For air purification technology to be sustainable, it must be affordable and convenient, and we found the answer in the water whirlpool. This technology, which allows you to see the vortex of water with the naked eye, does not use disposable products, does not generate incineration waste, is safe, convenient, and above all, environmentally friendly. It is an advanced type of cyclone dust collection technology, and it can be said to be the next-generation air purification technology that will end the era of HEPA filters.

No need to worry about buying and replacing expensive HEPA filters. You can safely purify the air without worrying about water quality. Filter replacement is completed by simply changing 1.4L of water. It is more convenient, sanitary and eco-friendly.

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