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Hybrid Air Purifier and Air Sterilizer

Air purifier and air sterilizer at the same time


Hybrid Air Purifier sterilizer. Air Purifying Sterilizer

A. Product name - (Hybrid) Air Purifier

B. Product Application - Improve air quality (remove fine dust/ultrafine dust, odor, and harmful gases) - Space sterilization (sterilization of airborne bacteria and surface bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.) - spatial humidification - Accumulate and utilize data related to air quality and infection prevention in specific spaces

2. Product Innovation - Currently, this is the first technology product that simultaneously implements air cleaning function and space eradication in domestic and foreign markets - Compared to existing air purifiers, this product has an additional function to sterilize or sterilize bacteria and viruses floating in the space (air cleaning function and space sterilization function at the same time) - It also improves the function to clean the air while sterilizing or sterilizing bacteria and viruses floating in the space compared to other humidifiers.

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