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Hangji thread, processed product

The LohasHanji yarn is made of Korea traditional paper made from mulberry trees, called HANJI, that also can be used as a material for conjugated yarns.


LohasHanji yarn is good for any fabric products from under wares to car seats with wide range features such as durability, water resistance & washable, quick drying property, antimicrobial & deodorization activity.

And it is basically made as an eco-friendly and biodegradable material.

It also has very useful to make sports gears with its' features such as lightweight ( specific gravity: 0.8) and cool & warm property when mixed with other fibers(ex, cotton & polyester), quick drying, deodorization.

We can also provide various specifications of 100% paper LohasHnaji yarns as materials for your spinning.

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