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Eco Hi-Ball Dishwasher

- As an alternative to dishwasher detergents that contain harsh chemicals, the Eco Hi-Ball cleans your dishes without using any detergents. The Eco Hi-Ball protects your family’s health by killing 99.9% of germs, while removing food remains that otherwise might remain on your dishes.

- Detergent-free Eco Hi-Ball purifies the water, removing water scale, bacteria, mold and odors in dishwasher and drain, keeping your dishwasher as shiny as new.

- The Eco Hi-Ball is very environmentally friendly. Using Eco Hi-Ball, you are putting absolutely no harmful detergents or chemicals into the environment.


Product Features

Activation of water molecules

Eco Hi-Ball activates ordinary tap water by increasing the ionization of the molecular structure (the microscopic positive and negative electrical charges on the surface of atoms).



Eco Hi-Ball has superior disinfection properties, eliminating odors, mold and harmful bacteria.



Eco Hi-Ball protects your family’s health by purifying the water, removing chemical residues such as detergents and chlorine not only from the water but also from your dishes.


Oxidation (detergent effect)

The powerful detergent effect of Eco Hi-Ball means that there is no need for any chemical powders or liquids. Ordinary chemical detergents works by reducing the attraction between water molecules, making them less ‘sticky’ – in other words, they make water ‘wetter’.The oxidation effect of Eco Hi-Ball works like a detergent by making the water molecule cluster smaller, reducing the viscosity of water – but without using any chemicals.


Anti-corrosive properties

Eco Hi-Ball inhibits metal corrosion (rusting), extending the life of your dishwasher and drains by keeping them clean and shiny.


Environmentally friendly and safe

Because it contains no chemicals, you are not putting any harmful chemicals into the environment.

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