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With honest people to make the right beverage, Sweetcup Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes transparently clean and healthy foods with carefully selected materials by realizing the corporate ideology of honesty and integrity. As a small hidden champion designated by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, we always listen to people's stories and draw a bright future where everyone can coexist based on our unchanging trust.

SWEETCUP, Korea's No.1 fruit concentrate brand, manufactures and distributes various products such as 50 kinds of powder produced by technology to reproduce the original flavor of raw materials and 100% undiluted espresso coffee produced by a high-pressure espresso extraction method.

The production facility, which boasts an extraordinary production capacity of up to 10,000kg per day with a state-of-the-art automatic liquefying machine, is the cleanest and safest facility with HACCP and ISO 22000 for food safety management system.

SWEETCUP is a global food and beverage company representing Korea, exporting its innovative products to the world beyond Korea, and its R&D Center constantly researches and develops to provide customers with the best value through delicious and healthy refreshments.



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